I want to start out by wishing Paul Wotton all the best at Torquay United and I think he will do a great job there. The feat that we achieved of staying up, with so many matches in a row without respite last season, with the congested fixture schedule, put the club on everyone’s radar and Paul’s too. 

It was of no surprise that someone came in for him so soon after the season ended, but we roll with the punches. He did a great job for us and it is only well wishes for him, but the show for Truro City must go on. 

We are in a serious hunt for a new manager and there has been a lot of interest and a lot of really exciting interest. Hopefully, we can give a further update with some great news soon. 

At the new ground, which I visited in person last week, the seats are shiny and the grass is green – it is so exciting to see it come up. I went to the ground in March and there was a lot of dirt, but now it looks like a ground. 

I couldn’t be anymore pumped up about it as it will be a lovely spot to watch football and it is what Cornwall deserves. 

Phase two of the ground is almost complete with beautiful seated and standing stands. It will be the best pitch in Cornwall by a country mile and one of the best outside of the Football League.

The new venue will be fan-geared because we want the fans to have a great time. The food will be great, drinks and whatever you want. If you are going to come to Truro City to spend your money, we want to provide you with a great day out.

It is our responsibility to provide that and we will provide that.

Footballs coming home and it will be home because Truro City had a nomadic existence before we took over. 

Finally, we want to build a strong foundation in the community and to create a clear pathway from under-7s to the first team.

We want Truro City to become an all encompassing club and not just a team.

All the best,