Company name: MA 023 Ltd
Company number: 11840205

The Company is wholly owned by 2642867 Ontario Inc, a company incorporated in Canada, whose registered office is at 2345 Yonge Street, Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario,Canada, M4P 2E5.

2642867 Ontario Inc is, therefore, the sole person with significant control over the company.

The individuals listed below with Significant Interest in the Club hold their shareholding in 2642867 Ontario Inc, which in turn, holds all the shares in MA 023 Ltd.

Eric Perez: 48.7 per cent
ARMC Stags Ltd: 26.7 per cent

In accordance with National League Rule 2.13 ‘publication of ownership’; each Club shall publish the identities of the ultimate owner (Person, not Entity) of each Significant Interest in the Club. That information shall as a minimum be published on the Club’s official website on a page accessible directly from the home page of that official club website.

“Significant Interest” means the holding and/or possession of the legal or beneficial interest in, and/or the ability to exercise the voting rights applicable to, shares or other securities in the Club which confer in aggregate on the holder(s) thereof ten (10) per cent or more of the total voting rights exercisable in respect of the Shares of any class of Shares of the Club. All or part of any such interest may be held directly or indirectly or by contract including, but not limited to, by way of membership of any group that in the opinion of the Board are acting in concert, and any rights or powers held by an Associate (as defined in the Rules of The FA Challenge Cup) shall be included for the purposes of determining whether an interest or interests amounts to a “Significant Interest”