For just £2 per week, players will be in with a chance of winning the guaranteed star weekly prize of £1,000 cash.

There are further cash prizes on offer of 4x £25 and 26x £10. In addition to this, players are automatically entered into four quarterly superdraws with £5,000 up for grabs in June and December, while £10,000 can be won in March and September.

Player of the lottery MUST be aged 18 years and older.

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The Giant Cash Bonanza was created in 2002 to raise funds for various good causes including Truro City Football Club.

Although there are a number of good causes that benefit from the Giant Cash Bonanza Lottery, all of the monies paid by you for your lottery numbers will, after the deduction of money for prizes in the Lottery and the reasonable expenses of administering it, be donated solely for the benefit of Truro City Football Club.

Truro City Football Club will receive a minimum of 60 per cent of contributions back to support its good cause.

Ten unique numbers are entered into the weekly draw and two unique numbers will be entered into the free draws and quarterly superdraws.

Your lottery numbers will be entered into the draws together with the lottery numbers of other supporters of Truro City Football Club and supporters of other beneficiaries.

Participation Fees

  • Monthly: £8.67
  • Quarterly: £26.00
  • Half-Yearly: £52.00
  • Yearly: £104.00

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